My interest in mediumship and the paranormal started at a very early age I was gifted to see the spirit people from childhood although I had no understanding of who they were or their reason for being there. As I have grown into adulthood I have learnt a lot more about them and with understanding have welcomed their presense and not feared it. My first experience of a spiritualist church allowed me to understand I was not the only person experiencing this extra sense and as I came into closer contact with the spirit world I felt the need in me to let others no about this wonderful place where souls lived on and death was but a doorway to another life. All my life I had a feeling that something was missing I can only say a small part of me was empty and as I grew older this feeling increased with time. When I began to work with the spirit people I felt that completeness the feeling of being empty had gone, I had found my true purpose. Through my work I have gained so much but not all the lessons have been easy. As a medium you experience great joys but also many low,s. It is not always easy to have a foot in both worlds and sometimes you need a skin as thick as a elephants. Helping people connect to those past is a great joy and something I always try my utmost to achieve. Although I have done this many years now I continue to learn more life is a school and if your prepared to learn many doors will open to you.
In recent years I have started sitting for physical mediumship. This would not have been possible without the wonderful spirit mentors and our sitters who give there time every week to sit for the circles development.We have been lucky to have developed some exciting phenomena in a very short space of time and our team on both sides continues to further the circles development.
We are aware the development of a physical circle takes years of time and patience and we hope to share its phenomena with others seeking the truth. To me its time to open doorways and I know this is being done in many physical circles in many parts of the world, its time to let in the light and take away the fear of death. To share the knowledge that death is not the end.

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